A Liver Manifestation; Hepatic Cirrhosis and its Management through Electro-Homoeopathy: An Overview

Ajit Singh *

Department of Electrohomoeopathy Pharmacy, Kings Herbal Research Laboratories, Jalandhar- 144023 , Punjab- India.

Sanjay Mishra

Regional Food Research and Analysis Centre (RFRAC), Udyan Bhavan Campus, 2, Sapru Marg, Lucknow- 226001, U.P., India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Hepatic Cirrhosis is recognized by the formation of regenerative nodules in liver parenchyma bounded by fibrous septa consequent to chronic liver injury. Cirrhosis occurs because of necrosis of liver cells followed by fibrosis and nodule formation. The liver organization becomes abnormal and interferes with liver blood flow and function, and ultimately leads to portal hypertension and hepatocytic dysfunction. Chronic liver diseases represent a noteworthy health problem across the globe with liver cirrhosis. The exact prevalence of cirrhosis worldwide was obscure due to the clinical continuum ranging from indolent, asymptomatic to complete liver decompensation. Thus, continual inputs through a series of research considering various conventional and certain earlier techniques in background, along this thrust medical area, led an emerging and medically most precise an alternate technique, namely, Electro-Homoeopathic Medical Science that has been currently in practice by several practitioners in India revealing fascinating outcome without any significant post therapeutic physiological and/or biochemical side effect as well as risk factor. The efficacy of electrohomeopathy treatment for liver disease was successfully evaluated over a 60-day period based on improved subjective parameters and hematological investigations. The result of this survey provides new information on the development and establishment of an increasingly advanced version of the electro-homeopathic system for a precise diagnosis revealing a specific root cause and smooth-running management of Liver Disease as well as its manifestation.

Keywords: Clinical continuum, electro-homeopathy, fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, hepatocytic dysfunction, liver manifestations

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