Case of Eosinophilic Ascites Secondary Surgical Sponge

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Gulhan Kanat Unler
Huseyin Savaş Gokturk
Esra Zeynep Coskunoglu


The “Type of Article” of this paper is “Letter to the Editor”. This paper discuses about: “Case of Eosinophilic Ascites Secondary Surgical Sponge”. No formal abstract is available. Readers are requested to read the full article.

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Unler, G. K., Gokturk, H. S., & Coskunoglu, E. Z. (2020). Case of Eosinophilic Ascites Secondary Surgical Sponge. International Research Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 3(4), 25-27. Retrieved from
Letter to the Editor


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